Jagua Tattoo Fashion, Art and Tradition

Tattoos are a form of fashion and a means of expression. They were permanent until the appearance of temporary tattoos in commercial use, that is because native cultures were already familiar with this form of body art as a form of temporary art and religious expression. Having said that, in the commercial world there would be no space for ‘gray market’ meaning you would either get them done or not! If someone was not sure they would probably stay away from the whole tattooing concept. 

Then it was around 1980 when commercial temporary tattoos hit the market. That opened the door for a bigger audience. Those who wanted to get a permanent tattoo but wanted to try it first and those who would NEVER get a permanent tattoo came rushing to search for the coveted new trend, because after all who doesn’t want the ‘naughty’ look of ink even for a few days? 

Around the year 2000, as the internet became the leading source of information and communication,  we at Fresh Jagua®️ were already well in the process of developing an all-natural semi-permanent tattoo option that finally came to the market shortly after. Making use of the new-found internet “tool” we reached millions, and millions of people in search of this harmless tattooing alternative, reached us. Our new connections and the excellence of our product  made us the leading company when it comes to natural jagua and henna ink manufacturing and distribution companies in the world. 

Semi-permanent tattoo is a beautiful and mostly safe option to decorate your body, as long as you get your ink from a well established and reliable company. So, get your hands on some  Fresh Jagua®️ ink, and share your after stains with us!

In our website you can find a variety of products that professional henna artists use. If you want to make your own DIY tattoo we have a starter easy to use jagua kit.

If you want to learn more  about our products please visit us here.

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