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Hi fellow eco-enthusiast! Welcome to our shop. We’re so happy you’re here and we cannot wait to tell you more about our practice, values and the business we have built and loved for many years.

Fresh Jagua has been in operation since 2009. We’re located in Hollywood, Florida, where we receive our raw materials and produce all of our products.

We didn’t start here. Actually, we initially sourced Jagua from a single supplier in Puerto Rico. Back then, our numbers were small. As we grew, so did our supply chain. We’ve sourced Jagua from across the globe (yes, even here in the U.S.!) Through it all, we have been able to manifest one of our highest visions – maintaining a supply chain that is fair and safe.


Now let’s talk about Jagua trees, fruits, and volumes for a moment, shall we? Although Jagua is important to us (and to you, we imagine), it means nothing to many. Countries use it in various ways – as a liquor ingredient, food colorant, cosmetic product and of course, tattoo ink – but overall, consumer demand for the pure fruit is minimal. It’s certainly an acquired taste. In regards to volume, we can only estimate, as no official information exists. Based on our experience in the industry, we believe about 20,000 - 10,000 fruits are being harvested every year by companies selling pure Jagua ink. With tens of thousands of trees around the world (again, by our estimates), the percentage being harvested by our company – and by the entire temporary tattoo industry – has virtually no agricultural effect.

Now onto sourcing and who we buy from. To the world’s Jagua suppliers, we are considered a small U.S. company buying fruits for temporary tattoos. In comparison with the food and cosmetics industries, we are small fish. This is the primary reason we also buy from farmers. In working with farmers, we request photos of their trees and fruits. Only when we see photos of mature trees and clean fruits do we begin shipping to the U.S. This ensures that we only buy fruits yielded from healthy trees.

We work with many suppliers. Some are lot owners; some are private individuals with several trees. We buy from at least two indigenous tribes. We pay all of our suppliers market price, meaning the standard local wholesale price for high-quality Jagua fruits. As we have no real power in those markets, we have no means of, nor interest in, paying less than the market cost. We never set the price; we negotiate with the local supplier according to what is considered fair in their market.

We have worked hard for many years to offer the best possible Jagua products. We use all natural, mostly organic ingredients source only from reputable and accredited suppliers and we confidently stand behind our brand.

More importantly, we have families. Our employees and suppliers do too. All of these people depend on our product and benefit from it. We see them as our responsibility and we do not take that lightly. We design everything about our business and the way we work to protect these people just as they have protected and contributed to our vision for this company.

Thank you for joining that vision. We cannot wait to welcome you into our Fresh Jagua family.

Best wishes,

Tomer Oz Arie, CEO & Owner


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