About the Kayapo - The Jagua Tribe

Your purchase of Kayapo Art Bead Designs will support the preservation of a beautiful tribal culture and the important rainforest landscape.

With your support for the Kayapo people, you can get access to Kayapo art as well as the authentic beaded jewelry that they are known for.

Setting up a new way for the Kayapo to earn a living by helping them sell their authentic traditional beads art.

 The Kayapos will be grateful for any order made in order to help them keep their lifestyle.

The tribal artists are paid directly for their wares and all funds raised from these website sales will be reinvested back in the Kayapo community with the purchase of more loose beads and handcrafted designs.

Self-sustainability is important in this closed tribe, but the income for artisans will help provide food security for the community. 

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