Here are some fun facts to help you decide which method is the best for you.
This is our first and original product. Our gel is 100% pure and pasteurized during the process of making it. It is crafted with non-GMO Xanthan gum and Organic Lavender Oil.
It comes to you, ready for use. All you have to do is put it in a cone or bottle and apply. All unused gel should be stored in the freezer until you are ready to use it. Jagua gel is great if you are a new artist who is unsure about mixing your own or a super busy artist who doesn't have time to mix your own.
Depending on your skin tone and body chemistry, you will receive a beautiful deep rich blue stain, navy blue, or even black. Unlike henna, Jagua gel stains pretty evenly no matter where it's placed on the body. With a very thin layer of the gel applied to the skin, you can also create shades and give your design a multi-dimensional look. Depending on how thick the gel is applied to the skin, the Jagua gel may take 30 minutes to over an hour to dry.
The raw, natural, unpasteurized juice of the Genipa Americana fruit also known as Jagua fruit. Through many tests and experiments, we have found that this juice can substitute the liquid that you use in your henna recipe. By substituting Jagua ink in your henna recipe, you will achieve an amazing black stain, and your paste can be used within 30 minutes of making it. This paste has the same texture and consistency as henna, with the staining power of Jagua. Depending on how thick it is applied to the skin, it takes 15-30 minutes to dry.
The Jagua ink can also be diluted with water when making your paste, to create many different shades. When doing so, you should allow your paste to sit 12-24 hours before coning and using it to allow the henna powder to dye release. Using Jagua ink allows the artist to be creative and achieve multi-tonal and dimensional designs.
Our newest addition to the Fresh Jagua product line. It is a fine powder created with freeze-dried Jagua juice, non-GMO Xanthan gum, and Organic Cane Sugar. All you have to do is to add water and essential oil. Depending on your climate, you may have to add a little more sugar. (If you live in dry heat climate, adding ½ tbsp-3/4 tbsp. of sugar may be needed to help the paste take longer to dry, ensuring it does not flake off too quickly).
After mixing, it is ready for use in 30 minutes. With Jagua powder, you are able to create a PASTE with the consistency you desire. With the Jagua powder paste, you will achieve a blue-black stain. Depending on how thick it is applied to the skin, it takes 15-30 minutes to dry.
Jagua powder can also be mixed with henna powder when making your paste to create different shades as well. When adding henna powder, you should let your paste sit 12-24 hours also, strain, then cone up and use.
Straining your paste is not necessary when using Jagua powder alone. In powder form, it has the longest shelf life out of all our products. It is great for traveling, unlike juice or gel because you won't have to worry about spilling it. It is great for shipping as it’s lighter in weight and less perishable.
Our fresh Jagua powder has an extended shelf-life of about 6 months!
To ensure maximum shelf life, store your powder in a cool, dark location out of direct sunlight.
High humidity environments will affect opened bag but will have no effect on factory sealed air-tight bag.
For body art or making Hengua we highly recommend that you purchase our premixed and not the Pure.
With our premixed powder you will get less clumps, while mixing your paste and provide you with a better paste flow while drawing
it can also be mix with your  Henna Powder. to create Hengua paste.
Pure Jagua powder is mainly used for Body Art as is (pure) but can also be used for fabric dyeing, soap making, candles and of course you can mix your own Hengua mix by mixing it both with our pure Henna Powder.


***Lypho Henna - Jagua blend.  

it'll give you a stain like never before! Our Hengua powder is made in our US facilities under the highest standards and quality.  NO MEFIX TAPE NEDDED!!

ingredients; Organic Henna powder, organic Sugar cane, Genipa Americana juice extract.

SEE HERE VIDEO OF THE STAIN RESULTS: *********************************************************************************************

Please note, that when making a batch of Hengua powder, you will need less liquid than your regular henna paste recipe!

When applying lypholized henna paste to the skin, it is essential that it remain undisturbed until it is dry (approximately 20-30 minutes). 
It is important that the dried paste then stay on the skin for 1-2 hours for the best stain results. 
When removing, be sure to scrape the paste off, not wash it. 
Keep the stain away from water as much as possible for maximal stain darkness and longevity.
Natural stain progression starts orange-yellow and turns dark brown within 12-72 hours. 
***People with sensitive skin are encouraged to test a small patch of skin before applying jagua/henna products in large quantities. 
***It is advised to avoid extreme heat/steam in any form to freshly applied jagua/henna products for up to 48 hours after the design is applied. 
***Do not apply on any broken skin or irritable skin areas. 
Mixing Instructions:                                                            
10 grams lypholized henna
Approx. 12-14 grams of water
Approx. 1.25-1.75 grams of essential oils (lavender, eucalyptus, etc)
***Sugar has been added*** (Do not add sugar)
Mix together the ingredients. 
Let sit for 2 hours in a warm place for ideal stain results.
after 2 hours the paste is ready to work with.
if you are not planning to use your mixed paste right away we highly recommended to keep it Frozen until your next client.
Adding higher levels of essential oils to your recipe yields darker stains. If a deep dark brown stain is desired, remember to use/freeze the paste after 2 hours. 

when adding your E.oil you can play with the ratios;
for light stain you can use no oil at all or start with minimum of 0.25 g per 10 grams powder.
for darker stain use no more than 1.75 g per 10 grams powder 
note: adding more than 1.75g E.oil per 10 gram powder will make your design smear.



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