***Lyophilized Henna - NEW Hengua Henna /Jagua powder blend NEW!!

Product image 1***Lyophilized Henna - NEW Hengua Henna /Jagua powder blend NEW!!
Product image 2***Lyophilized Henna - NEW Hengua Henna /Jagua powder blend NEW!!
Product image 3***Lyophilized Henna - NEW Hengua Henna /Jagua powder blend NEW!!
Product image 4***Lyophilized Henna - NEW Hengua Henna /Jagua powder blend NEW!!

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***Lypho Henna - Jagua blend.  

it'll give you a stain like never before! Our Hengua powder is made in our US facilities under the highest standards and quality.  NO MEFIX TAPE NEDDED!!

ingredients; Organic Henna powder, organic Sugar cane, Genipa Americana juice extract




It's important to know that when preparing Hengua powder into a paste, it generally requires less liquid than your standard henna mixture. However, the liquid needed can vary between batches due to differences in the crop each year, making some Hengua powder more absorbent than others. Therefore when adding water, there's no one-size-fits-all recipe for mixing.

When applying lypholized henna paste to the skin, it is essential that it remain undisturbed until it is dry (approximately 20-30 minutes). 

It is important that the dried paste then stay on the skin for 1-2 hours for the best stain results. 

When removing, be sure to scrape the paste off, not wash it. 
Keep the stain away from water as much as possible for maximal stain darkness and longevity.
Natural stain progression starts orange-yellow and turns dark brown within 12-72 hours. 

***People with sensitive skin are encouraged to test a small patch of skin before applying jagua/henna products in large quantities. 
***It is advised to avoid extreme heat/steam in any form to freshly applied jagua/henna products for up to 48 hours after the design is applied. 
***Do not apply on any broken skin or irritable skin areas. 

Mixing Instructions:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           
*For your Hengua paste, start with 10 grams of lyophilized henna.
*Depending on the crop year, mix in approximately 12-14 to 18 grams of water for    the right consistency.
*Add about 1.25 to 1.75 grams of essential oils, such as lavender or eucalyptus    which are used to adjust the depth of the stain 
* Note that sugar is already included in this mix, so there's no need to add extra.

Mix together the ingredients. 
Let sit for 2 hours in a warm place for ideal stain results.
after 2 hours the paste is ready to work with.
if you are not planning to use your mixed paste right away we highly recommend to keep it Frozen until your next client.


Adding higher levels of essential oils to your recipe yields darker stains. If a deep dark brown stain is desired, remember to use/freeze the paste after 2 hours. 

when adding your E.oil you can play with the ratios;

for light stain you can use no oil at all or start with minimum of 0.25 g per 10 grams powder.

for darker stain use no more than 1.75 g per 10 grams powder 
note: adding more than 1.75g E.oil per 10 gram powder will make your design smear.

Stain samples with zero oil up to 1.75 g :

Here is a stain sample of a mixed paste that left for dye realise of 12 hours:


After a few days, a left over paste on the counter (not kept in the refrigerator) will still produce brown to black stain ..

stain after 21 days left outside on the counter:

In the next 2 photos you can see the stain of the same batch that was left on the counter for 41 days! 

You can definitely see that the henna is not producing anymore brown stain and the Jagua stain took over completely.

(in this photo we test also our new Pure Raj Henna :)

please note:

at this stage the Jagua stain will only produce dark stain on the palms of the hands.

if you try to draw on your forearm skin area ,the stains will be light and not as dark as with our Fresh Jagua gel.

more notes:

You can also mix this powder with pure henna powder to create different variations of shades in bigger batches.

This new amazing powder is still under testing - please visit this page again to read more information on future research and discoveries.

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