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InkGenesis ProExtract is a premium, professional-grade extract derived from the Genipa plant family, tailored for businesses specializing in inkjet ink production and jagua product enhancement. This highly concentrated extract offers exceptional versatility, allowing users to integrate it into their unique ink formulas, or to deepen the intensity of jagua products.

InkGenesis ProExtract is a versatile, professional-grade extract derived from the Genipa plant, designed for a wide array of applications beyond just inkjet ink production and jagua product enhancement. This powerful natural extract is renowned for its strong staining properties and is ideal for an extensive range of industrial and professional uses.

Key Features and Applications:

  1. High-Grade Ink Production: Perfect for businesses creating custom inkjet inks, offering unparalleled depth and durability in coloration.

  2. Jagua Product Enhancement: Ideal for deepening the color intensity of jagua-based products, such as temporary tattoos and body art materials.

  3. Textile Dyeing: Its robust staining ability makes it suitable for textile industries looking for natural dyes. It can be used to create unique, long-lasting colors on fabrics.

  4. Cosmetic Coloring: Suitable for use in cosmetic formulations, providing a natural alternative to synthetic dyes for products like hair dyes and lip stains.

  5. Artistic Medium: Artists can utilize InkNatura Essence in various artistic endeavors, including painting and mixed media, to achieve a range of natural hues.

  6. Wood Staining: An excellent choice for woodworkers seeking natural, durable wood stains that provide a unique finish.

  7. Pharmaceutical and Research Applications: Due to its natural origin and potent properties, it's also valuable in pharmaceutical research, particularly in the development of natural remedies and treatments.

Safety and Handling:

  • Professional Use: Designed for industrial and professional applications, requiring careful handling due to its potent staining capability.
  • Solubility: Optimally dissolves in alcohol-based solutions, offering flexibility in various formulations.
  • Precautionary Measures: Recommended to use with appropriate safety equipment, especially in direct skin or fabric applications, to prevent unwanted staining.

Jagua InkGenesis ProExtract is not just an extract; it's a gateway to natural, potent, and versatile solutions across a spectrum of industries. Embrace the power of nature with InkGenesis Essence and elevate your products and projects to new heights.

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