1 oz. Bottle of Fresh Jagua tattoo Gel

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1 ounce of our top quality fresh Jagua ink tattoo Gel is the perfect size for occasional business and temporary tattoo enthusiasts.

The Jagua Gel Ink for temporary tattoos is made of great natural ingredients which include: Organic Genipa Americana Fruit Juice, Xanthan Gum, and Organic Lavandula Angustifolia Oil.

The product comes with a sealing cap. Needle or Bottle cap are not included. 

A needle base cap and needles must be ordered separately for application.

Squeeze the amount needed for daily use into one or 1/2 ounce applicator bottles and store it a cool location for

up to two weeks no more than 30 days.
after 30 days the jagua stain is less and less strong
Storing the remainder jagua gel ink in the freezer will extend the jagua stain for up to one year.

If you don't use your jagua within the first month of purchase the best way to keep your jagua gel fresh is to divide it into small portion into a 1/2 oz plastic bottle and keeping it in the freezer make sure to squeeze out the air from the bottle while frozen to avoid water crystals build up.

1 Oz. Bottle of Fresh Jagua Tattoo Gel gives you the power to create safe and fun looking temporary tattoos at the comfort of your home. This is your freedom to all the low quality and irritation products which promise heaven yet deliver hell when it comes to actual application. With this jagua tattoo gel, you get the chance to have temporary but real looking tattoos that can last for between one week and one month, depending on your skin type. 

It will interest you to note that the product have been developed under the full glare and supervision of top dermatologists to ensure that you get nothing but the very best. Before being released to the market, 1oz. Bottle of Fresh Jagua Tattoo Gel has been tested for quality and safety in the labs, and we can guarantee that this is one of the top tattoo gels you will ever come across in the market. Since it is safe for even children, it is the perfect tattoo gel for your entire family. Try it out today and enjoy the safety and the convenience that comes with using only the top gels and inks for temporary tattoos. 
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