Basic Bottle for jagua ink tattoo gel combo kit

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This is the perfect way to get all your Jagua tattoos accessories in one value priced package.

Our combo kit contains one plastic applicator bottle, one needle base/cap, and 10 applicator needles (one of each size). perfect for occasional business and temporary jagua/Henna tattoo enthusiasts.

If you are a fan of jagua tattoos, then you need one kit to get all your issues sorted out. The Basic Bottle for Jagua Ink Tattoo Gel Combo Kit is one such kit which you will need to get all your jagua tattoos and henna application going. This particular combo kit comes with one plastic applicator bottle, ten applicator needles of various sizes, and one needle base or cap. It is the ultimate choice for any jagua tattoo enthusiast or if you want to start your adventure with henna or other types of body arts.

The body art industry currently uses jagua fruit extensively in the manufacture of tattoo gels and inks. This is due to the fact that jagua is an edible fruit whose black and blue colors are highly envied in the body art industry. Since it is natural, it saves users from the potent risks and dangers of using artificial gels and inks as body arts. Besides, jagua tattoo gels and inks last relatively longer than most of the temporary tattoo solutions available. Take advantage of our combo kit today and get going with the most amazing tattoos. 

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