The Jagua People

Our adventures with Jagua go all the way back to the days when we were offering airbrush tattoos in our shop on South...

What is Jagua, is it Henna?

Jagua is a rain forest fruit, scientifically known as the  Genipa Americana. A very common plant throughout the trop...

Color Development on Different Shades of The Human Skin

Many years of working with the Genipa Americana fruit AKA Jagua, we have discovered a fascinating fact. Originally, t...

How does Jagua develop on the skin?

The ink gel made from the Genipa Americana fruit ink (Jagua Gel) is first applied to the skin with an applicator ne...

How to keep and store your fresh Jagua?

JAGUA Ink Gel is just like food, you need to keep it in a cold place no matter what. from the moment that the juice i...

Jagua & Hot Water

One of our Jagua ink Gel developers decided to test his fresh jagua tattoo. He wanted to see how dark and how fast th...
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