Tips for storing jagua and Henna more efficiently

Tips for storing Jagua and henna more efficiently


Henna and Jagua: Best storage tips that make a difference!

The king of all rules when preserving perishable products is: Cold, Dark, Dry! And there’s one more: High quality product! Seems easy, right? You think, “let me just buy some Fresh Jagua®️, wrap my henna or Jagua in something dark and put it in the refrigerator”. While that may work in preserving your product there are better ways to extend the shelf life of these babies so that Jagua and henna artists make the most out of it.


Keeping cold:

Location, Location and location. Remember, not all parts of your freezer are equally cold. If you usually put things near the door, you might miss the coldest spot, which is in the inner part of your freezer, especially near the ice maker. These few degrees can affect how quickly your Jagua and Henna age.


Keeping moisture away while freezing:

Preventing Moisture in the Freezer: Think about it like this: Air gaps can become water as ice forms. The less air inside the bottle or container, the better. If you have a food saver vacuum, that's great, but not necessary. You can remove air from a bag using a straw or squeeze out as much air as you can from a bottle and seal your containers and bags properly. It doesn't have to be perfect, but it really helps a lot and your ink will thank you!



The freezer or refrigerator would take care of that part by default but it happens a lot that henna artists have to travel, or sit at a festival on a hot sunny day …. Or maybe you sit in your studio where your working table is near a window and inadvertently you place your jagua under direct sunlight …. Try your best to avoid that! A paper bag, a cold/hot back, a small cooler bag will be your best friend in this case.



This could be one of the best ideas: Dividing your product! Get smaller containers, anticipate the amounts you use on a daily basis and pack those amounts on separate containers so as you pull those containers you thaw only the amount you need. This way you avoid the thawing-freezing-thawing cycle that may shorten the life of your Jagua. 

Get High quality Products:

Choose products that have a recognized standing! Henna and Jagua that use high quality ingredients tend to have a longer shelf life. Ahem, Yes, we at 🍈Fresh Jagua®️ pride ourselves in being the premier choice for Henna and Jagua artists around the world. Our stain is known for being one of the, if not the best amongst artists providing temporary tattoos that are versatile, bold and long lasting.  Our way of paying homage to this millennia-old profession of Body art is by putting our very best ingredients into your ink!

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