The Jagua People

Our adventures with Jagua go all the way back to the days when we were offering airbrush tattoos in our shop on South Beach. While our customers loved our airbrush work, we were receiving many requests for longer-lasting, more realistic art. At that time, the only dark, long-lasting product we knew about was black henna or PPD. Not wanting to expose our clients or our artist to a toxic substance we refused to offer the product. Then a few years ago, we were introduced to an intriguing product from the Amazon-JAGUA! We jumped on the opportunity and became one of the first locations in South Florida to offer safe, realistic temporary tattoos.

Like all great ventures, this one was not without its hurdles. Our early Jagua source was extremely expensive and the stain was somewhat unreliable. Determined to offer our customers the best, most affordable product possible we jumped to arm ourselves with knowledge. Hours of Internet research and extensive conversations with other temporary tattoo artists made us virtual experts on Jagua. One of us even flew to the Amazon for some on-ground exploration. We learned about everything from the traditional use of the fruit and the growth of the tree, to the active compounds and production of stain. When we found a source of truly fresh Jagua, we were stoked! The stain was dark and rich. The application was smoother. The customers were ecstatic. To top it all of, the price was also lower! At that point, we officially fell in love with Jagua. So in love, that we started our own Jagua supply company.

Now we are taking things one step further and sharing our knowledge with others. This product is simply too good not to share! We would love to see Jagua become the body art medium of choice. Our goal is to create a community of Jagua tattoo artists, so please feel free to flood us with questions, ideas, and photos of your original Jagua art.

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