Jagua & Hot Water

One of our Jagua ink Gel developers decided to test his fresh jagua tattoo. He wanted to see how dark and how fast the FRESH JAGUA tattoo could develop in correlation to the temperature of the water in his shower water. His Jagua tattoo was fresh applied and was still in the first few hours of development. He took a VERY HOT shower, the water was almost boiling. He let the hot water drop right on the tattoo, and as soon as he got out of the shower, the tattoo went from yellow to a blue-black color (that color development would take about 24 hours under normal circumstances).

The heat basically sped up the oxidization process of the tattoo by opening up the skin pores to let in more oxygen, thus darkening the tattoo. However, this heat was in excess. His skin under the tattoo began to swollen and scab. He was in pain for 3 days from the scarring of the tattoo, and it left a semi-permanent scar on his skin for several weeks, then it disappeared completely. In summary of this experiment, it is not wise to apply extreme heat in any form to a fresh applied Jagua tattoo or painful reaction will occur to the skin.

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