How to Do Hengua.

These are the main ways to do Hengua. One by mixing the powders together and then adding water, essential oils and sugar**. The second, and most recommended one is by doing the Henna (paste) and Jagua (gel) separately and mixing them together. The latter form will reduce the chances of getting lumps. The other way is to add Fresh Jagua® juice to the henna which allows you to make different shades.This would be used instead of the water part of the recipe or with the liquid part just be mindful that it may liquify the product too much so, you need to 'play' with proportions, meaning that whatever is taken off water can be added in juice, do NOT add juice without taking off the water portion. Also note: you should not add juice to the jagua gel, except in a few instances. For example: your gel has gone too dry, then you add the juice to 'bring it back to life', with a dropper and no more than a few drops: 1/2 Oz gel about 10 drops.

So, here is our suggested Hengua recipe:

Jagua Powder

1½ tbsps.

Henna Powder

1½ tbsps.


8 tbsps.

Lavender essential oil or Cajeput oil

½ tbsp.


½ tbsp. (optional) **

** Please note: Only needed in dry hot climates. Do not add it if you live in a very humid area.


  1. First, add both powders to a glass mixing bowl.

  2. Add water, one tablespoon at a time, stirring between each tablespoon of water. You may use less than 8 tbsps. of water if your preferred consistency requires less. Just note that if you add more than 8 tbsps., your paste will take longer than 30 minutes to dry.

  3. Add your essential oil - Make sure you use top quality essential oil.

  4. If you live in a dry heat climate, adding ½ tbsp-3/4 tbsp of sugar may be needed.**

  5. Once all ingredients are in the bowl, mix vigorously, then let it sit 12-24 hours (Depending on how long it typically takes for your henna dye to be released. When combining Henna and Jagua, there is no accurate spot test like there is when you make your Henna paste. So, it is helpful to know how long it normally takes for your henna to release its dye). After 12-24 hours, stir once more to make sure all lumps are gone. Strain your paste through stocking. Then put the paste in a cone or bottle and apply. Store unused paste in a freezer until next usage. This recipe yields approximately 4 oz. / 115g of paste.


When making Hengua with (8oz) Fresh Jagua® Juice:

- 100g Henna powder

- 30 ml (or 2 tbs) of either cajeput, Lavender, Tea Tree or Niaouli oil

- **Depending on climate, sugar (The more humid the less sugar needed if any at all)


Henna Powder 

100 gr

cajeput, Lavender, Tea Tree or Niaouli oil

30 ml (or 2 tbs)

Sugar **

** Please note: Only needed in dry hot climates. Do not add it if you live in a very humid area.

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