How To Apply Jagua On The Skin?

Jagua ink gel is placed in a small plastic bottle topped with a blunt-ended needle. The needle never touches the skin but is used to control the flow of the Jagua ink gel as the bottle is squeezed. Steady pressure is applied to transfer a steady line of Jagua from the bottle and onto the skin. As the Jagua is emitted from the needle, the bottle is moved slowly to drag the gel and create an image. The size of the needle in use determines the outcome of the line. A very small needle is used for details and outlines, while a thicker needle is used to fill in large areas of gel. No matter which needle an artist uses, a steady hand is essential.
(A full line of Applicator Needles in different sizes can be found in our site )

While many Jagua Tattoo Artists choose to create free-handed images, that is not necessarily the only or best course of action. For customer service reasons, it is often best to apply a stencil to the client before proceeding with the Jagua process. Just about any image can be turned into a Jagua tattoo using a very simple transfer technique. 

  1. Draw the desired image in pencil on lightweight tracing paper.
  2. Flip the paper over and redraw the lines using an inky ballpoint pen.
  3. Use rubbing alcohol to clean the area to which the Jagua tattoo is to be applied.  Then apply an oily, clear stick deodorant to the skin.
  4. Lay the tracing paper stencil on the desired area, ink side down.  Apply even pressure being careful not to move the stencil.  The paper should lightly adhere to the damp skin.  When the stencil is pulled away, the ink will remain on the skin to serve as a guide to the Jagua application.

Once the Jagua ink gel has been applied to the skin, it is essential that it remain undisturbed until it is dry.  Most Jagua tattoos will be fully dry in one hour to 2 hours.  When the Jagua is dry, it should be washed with RUNNING, soapy water.  The initial Jagua tattoo will be pale blue-grey if it is visible at all.  After several hours, the stain will darken noticeably and turn a deep blue-black in 12 To 48 hours.

For best results, Jagua gel should always be applied to a clean skin. 

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