Mastering the Art of Jagua Tattoos: Choosing the Right Needles for Your Designs

Mastering the Art of Jagua Tattoos: Choosing the Right Needles for Your Designs

Jagua tattoos are a beautiful, natural way to express your creativity and style. At, we offer a variety of accessories to help you create stunning temporary tattoos. One of the most important tools in your kit is the needle, which can make a significant difference in the detail and quality of your designs. In this blog post, we’ll answer a common customer question about our needles and provide tips on how to choose and maintain them for the best results.

Understanding Needle Types and Sizes

We offer two main types of needles: plastic and metal. Each type comes in different sizes, which are crucial for achieving the desired line thickness in your designs.

Plastic Needles

Plastic needles are user-friendly and great for beginners. They don't have a hole through the middle piece, making it easier to draw directly from the cone. Here’s a quick guide to our plastic needle sizes:

  • #18: This needle has a larger hole, suitable for thicker lines.
  • #25: This needle has a smaller hole, perfect for fine, delicate lines.

Metal Needles

Metal needles are preferred by many professional artists for their precision. However, they can clog more easily, especially when not properly maintained. Here’s a breakdown of our metal needle sizes:

  • #18: This needle has the largest hole, ideal for bold lines.
  • #23: This needle has the smallest hole, allowing for very fine lines.
  • #19: The black/brown #19 metal needle is popular among professional artists for its precision. 

We offer two lengths for these needles:

  • 1/4 inch: The short option, favored by some artists who prefer to be as close to the skin as possible for increased hand stability.
  • 1/2 inch: The long option, most commonly used by artists.

Ultimately, the choice between the two lengths depends on the artist’s preference and style.

Troubleshooting Common Issues

One common issue customers face is needle clogging. Here are some tips to help you avoid and resolve this problem:

  1. Proper Storage: Always store your Jagua gel in a Ziploc bag in the refrigerator or freezer when not in use. This prevents the gel from drying out and clogging the needle.

  2. Cleaning Clogged Needles:

    • Soak the needle in warm water with a bit of dish soap for a day.
    • After soaking, take an empty bottle filled with water, place the needle on the cup holder, and squeeze water through the needle to clear any clogs. If you have a compressor, you can also use it to blow air through the needle, which is an effective method I preferred when I used to draw with an airbrush back in the day. However, just using water works fine too.

Finding the Perfect Needle

Choosing the right needle depends on your style and the type of designs you want to create. Here’s a tip for trying out different needles:

  • Plastic Cones: We love using the red #25 plastic needle for fine details.
  • Metal Needles: The black/brown #19 metal needle is popular among professional artists for its precision.

Our Jagua Tattoo Kits

Our Jagua temporary tattoo body art kits include the most popular needles used by artists. When you purchase our kit, you can test all the needles to find the one that works best for you. This allows you to experiment and discover your preferred needle for different design elements.


Choosing the right needle is essential for creating beautiful Jagua tattoos. By understanding the differences between needle types and sizes, and learning how to properly maintain them, you can enhance your tattooing experience and produce stunning results. Explore our accessories and find the perfect tools for your art at

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