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Jagua & Hot Water

As heat is a big factor in the color development of a Jagua Tattoo, we have made a pretty unfortunate discovery

How to keep and store your fresh Jagua?

Learn in this article what is the expected shelf life an unopened bottle of Jagua.

How does Jagua develop on the skin?

How is that it begins with a pale stain and then develops to dark realistic looking tattoo?

Color Development on Different Shades of The Human Skin

What are the variables that determine that Jagua stain result on the skin?

What is Jagua, is it Henna?

Jagua is a rain forest fruit, scientifically known as the Genipa Americana.

The Jagua People

Who are we and how did we start?

Jagua Origin

Tl:Dr information about the fascinating Jagua fruit

How To Apply Jagua On The Skin?

Jagua tattoos are applied much like frosting is applied to a cake :) Read all about it here

Allergic Reactions to Jagua

Read about Jagua allergy reactions, does it occur? To who and can be done?

Jagua Vs. Henna

So what is the difference between Jagua and Henna? Read all about it here

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