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  • Pure Jagua fruit juice ink extract  - Unpasteurized

Pure Jagua fruit juice ink extract - Unpasteurized

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100% Pure/undiluted, unpasteurized Jagua fruit juice ink  (Genipa Americana fruit juice ), squeezed fresh from the fruit and transferred through filters.


2.5oz (73ml) Packed in aluminum bottle

4oz (118.29ml) , 8oz (236ml), 16oz (472ml), 32oz (1 quart), 128oz (1 gallon),169.07oz (5 Litter)- Packed in plastic bottle.

Our Fresh Jagua fruit juice ink can be Mix into your henna powder to create different variety of henna stain shades. (Hengua :)

Use our Fresh Jagua Fruit Juice Ink Extract Booster to darken and extend the longevity of your Jagua body art ink gel.

You can use our Fresh  Jagua  Fruit Juice Ink Extract Booster to refresh old Jagua gel/ink by blending just a few drops (10 drops in 1/2 ounce old jagua gel, will do the job!) and manually blending it into your Jagua  gel/ink.

The consistency of the juice is like water.

Our Fresh Jagua Fruit Juice ink Extract Booster can also be used to make your own Jagua gel using your own ingredient! 

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